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Doug Jenkins is a professional audio engineer, is a company that has helped many artist achieve the coined term "industry sound" we specialize in high quality mixing, and mastering

We believe that the combo of high quality Analog processing and professional digital equipment can benefit any recording, with equipment from some of the greatest companies in the audio field, we pride ourselves on being able to offer amazing mixes and masters while being more then competitive on pricing for these services.


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Doug Jenkins

Professional Mixing & 
Mastering services
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My Name is Doug Jenkins.  I am proud to say I have weathered the audio business through the thick and thin in my 20 young years in this business! I have kept my eye on the main intent in this business. It's about the final product, the amazing mix, the loud and imaged master. The music and it's quality creatively and technically, has, and always will come first in my life. It's not only music, but we do anything from Forensic Audio, to Gear reviews, and most people know me from my Educational Youtube channel. ..  We have also been pushing our Stem Mixing and Mastering services, because we truly believe it's the coolest thing we've done in a while. This offers Artist from all over the world. Veterans and rookies a chance to run their music/projects through some of the greatest gear you can find. I mix for professional artist, as well as artist just breaking into the business. I work 100% focused no matter what level your at. I just love to take what's sent our way, and make it the best it can be.



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